I hired Ash Tree Service to trim/prune 2 trees for me. They did the job when I was at work, which was fine, but when I came home I noticed a couple of smaller limbs that I wanted them to get that I thought were too low. I called and told them this, and they said they would be glad to come back to do it. I expected to get the run around, but they came back the next day and did it, no hassles or problems. They seemed to really care about my complete satisfaction. I would highly recommend them for all your tree service needs.

Esmeralda Ocampo


ABSOLUTELY wonderful experience. They just left and I hurried to write a review to let everyone know that the crew is absolutely wonderful. They did a great job on several of the trees I had in the back and front yard. Prices are reasonable, they cleaned up well, and it was pretty quick too! I am very satisfied and would highly recommend them.

Chad Holt